Study: Bariatric Surgery Reduces Cancer Risk in Women

Interesting results from a Swedish study examining the effects of weight loss following bariatric surgery were published on last week (06/26/09). The link between obesity and weight associated health issues, including an increased prevalence of cancer has been well established. However, this study examined the impact of bariatric weight loss surgery in particular, on the incidence of cancer amongst obese individuals.

The results of the study suggested that obese women who underwent bariatric surgery to lose weight were less likely to develop cancer than those in the control group that did not receive surgery. The participants in this study included over 4,000 individuals who had a BMI greater 38 for women and 34 for men. Over the 10 year period that the study was conducted, participants who received the bariatric surgery had lost and maintained a loss of 44 pounds on average. Comparatively, during the same time period the non surgical participants had gained 3 pounds on average. The study suggested that bariatric surgery was more effective in reducing the prevalence of cancer amongst women than men, with women 42% less likely to develop first-time cancers than the control group of women who did not undergo bariatric surgery.

To read more about this research visit The Lancet Oncology or

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