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Here's Fast Food for You!

Running out of healthy snack and meal ideas? Don't stress. The meals you make don't have to be boring or bland!

Diet changes can be one of the biggest lifestyle adjustments for gastric banding patients. As you transition back to regular solid foods after recovery, try putting together a meal plan that gives you at least ten different options you enjoy. You may find that others who have already experienced successful weight loss have great recipe suggestions. Attend bariatric surgery support groups for inspiration and motivation. Consider getting together with friends from your weight loss support groups for healthy dinner parties or potlucks.

If you continue to struggle with meal planning, give a Slimband Dietitian a call at: 1.800.298.0684. Slimband has pioneered weight loss programs that continue to monitor patients well after surgery. Our doctors and dietitians can help you develop nutritionally diverse meal plans.

Here are some quick and delicious options to inject satisfying flavour into your diet:

Succulent Seafood

Forage in your grocery store's pre-cooked meal or deli section for fresh seafood like cocktail shrimp or crab claws. You can make your own cocktail sauce using organic ketchup, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, and a squeeze of lemon. Just be careful about the level of spiciness, especially if you're sensitive to strong flavours since your Toronto bariatric surgery.

Try easy-to-steam fish like tilapia and salmon. Both can be steamed in the oven using a parchment paper pouch and liquids like white cooking wine and lemon. Season with cracked pepper or teriyaki sauce.

Excellent Eggs

It's hard to find a protein as versatile as eggs. Because they're dense in nutrients and high in healthy proteins and fats, eggs make a great foundation for meals. Just keep in mind that eggs contain about 80 calories each and over five grams of fat. You don't want to eat more than one or two a day. If you suffer from high cholesterol, ask your doctor if eggs are healthy for you.

Try making a quiche, scrambled eggs with sautéed vegetables, omelettes, or frittatas. Add lean meats or savoury vegetables. Just be sure to avoid adding foods your doctor has suggested to avoid. Look for healthy eggs at your local grocery store. Omega-3-enriched eggs may contain healthier fats than regular eggs.

Tasty Snacks

Smoothies and liquid meals aren't just for the period after your surgery. Slimband dietitians can recommend a variety of healthy and delicious smoothies and supplements to increase variety in a gastric banding diet. Unlike milkshakes or high-calorie desserts, a good smoothie offers nutrients and - with the right recipe - a solid balance of fruits and vegetables. If you're losing weight for diabetes management, check with your dietitian for specific guidelines on snacks and sweet foods.

Fast Tips
  • Keep your kitchen stocked with ingredients for at least three quick meals
  • Keep healthy snacks around like fresh fruit—although you should avoid certain fruits like pineapple
  • Try to rotate at least two new meals or snacks into your repertoire every month to avoid boredom
  • Avoid the temptation to head to your local fast food restaurant. Instead, enjoy a flavourful snack
  • When you do dine out, remember to request small portions