What To Expect On Your Slimband Journey

Here’s what we mean by comprehensive care.

From the moment you contact us, we are here for you.

You may decide immediately, after learning more about our program and its high success rate, that the Slimband is for you. In that case, we would set up a preliminary consultation to get things started and discuss your needs.

What if you feel you need more time to reflect further on whether Slimband is the right choice?

We understand that. And we’ll be there until you’re ready to make a decision. Whether it involves decreasing your anxiety or simply to continue providing answers to your questions until you’re ready to make the decision that’s right for you.

"Your "after surgery" binder is not only detailed and informative, but also beautiful to look at; the "My Slimband Community" message boards are helpful, supportive and fun; the online mini-courses are especially convenient for patients like me, who live hours away from Toronto; and the helpful, friendly staff who answer the phone are a pleasure to talk to! Your compassionate team at Slimband "stepped up" to literally help save my life!"
Julie G. – Bancroft, ON

Our customized care program begins by learning about your history and needs, while educating you on the Slimband procedure and what to expect in the days that follow it. Prior to the day of your surgery, you can expect the following:

Medical Testing

A comprehensive medical questionnaire is completed and various blood tests are performed to ensure that you are in good enough health to proceed with surgery.

Nutritional Assessment

Prior to commencing a short pre-operative detox plan, a thorough review of your eating habits, food preferences, allergies and food intolerences is taken to ensure that your follow-up nutritional guide is specifically tailored to you.

Emotional Support Profile

Successful patients tend to be those with the support of their family and friends. If you indicate that you do not have that support network in place and would like to receive it, our patient support team will work closely with you to connect you with other banded patients and medical professionals to help you along your journey.


The more prepared you are for this journey, the better; our goal is to help ensure that you have a solid understanding of gastric banding surgery benefits and risks, that you've set realistic goals and that you understand what life is like with a Slimband. To best prepare you, we have created several videos, handouts and instructions to follow based on what has worked in our practice.

Surgery Day Plan

Our team will help you coordinate your surgery day and post-op surgery support plan including providing special rates for overnight hotel stays and arranging for transportation after your procedure.

Slimband Companion Guide

To help you heal faster and set you on the road to success, you'll receive an easy to follow companion guide with step-by-step instructions for each phase of the recovery program.

Supportive Email Newsletters

You won't just hear from us by phone after your Slimband procedure. We have an e-mail campaign that begins the day after your surgery – these daily e-mails are meant to help you during the healing stage, and will provide you with flavourful, quick to make recipes, advice from Slimband staff members on weight loss, and more.

Check-ins with Your Medical and Allied Health Teams

We're committed to checking in with you after your Slimband surgery to ensure that you are healing properly and on your way to losing weight with the band. You will receive a phone call from one of our Call Centre Nurses the day after your surgery, and another five days following your procedure. You will also receive a call from one of our Dietitians five weeks after your surgery to review your food choices with you and discuss where you are in your weight loss journey.

Slimband's Call Centre is staffed with dietitians, nurses, and patient support specialists who are here to help you meet your weight loss goals.

At any time after your surgery, you can call Slimband Support to talk with one of our experts, or book a follow up appointment. The number to call is: 1.800.298.0684. You can also reach support through e-mail at: support@slimband.com

Nutritional Counseling

After your surgery, you'll need to learn how to eat with the band in place. Chewing properly, eating smaller meals regularly, and selecting the right kinds of foods are important for success with the Slimband. We have dedicated registered dietitians on staff who provide one-on-one nutritional counseling and conduct regular weight loss sessions to ensure that you're staying on track with your weight loss.

The KickStart session, an informative online seminar run by a Slimband Dietitian, will help get you started. It covers everything you'll need to know about eating optimally with the band to maximize its effectiveness. Visit our Events page where you can see dates and times the KickStart sessions are offered. We run KickStart sessions to suit your schedule.

Band Adjustments / Fills

A Slimband adjustment (or fill) is a regularly scheduled appointment with a doctor or nurse to help the band work effectively. Using a port attached to the band, the nurse "fills" or "de-fills" the band with a saline solution via a needle and syringe, tightening or loosening as needed. It's a simple and painless procedure, done in just a few minutes.

The number of adjustments required to find just the right restriction varies from patient to patient, although with Slimband's new Slimspot technology, the number of follow-up fills required is greatly reduced as the correct adjustment is now determined at the time of surgery.

You'll be invited to attend one of our Fillosophy sessions, to help prepare you for your first fill appointment with a Slimband Nurse. This interactive online seminar tells you everything you need to know about fills. Visit the Events page where you'll find days and times for the Fillosophy sessions. There are several Fillosophy sessions held every week, so that we fit into your schedule and not the other way around.


As part of the post-operative process, we recommend that you participate in our coaching sessions. Working together with our support and medical teams, these coaching sessions help identify your goals, clarify the important issues in your life and in your battle against excess weight, and empower you to meet those goals and control those issues. Our coaching program is designed to help establish (and meet) realistic goals for weight loss management, and to reduce stress as you adjust to life with the band.

After your Slimband procedure, we offer ongoing support, encouragement, and coaching to ensure you achieve long-term weight loss and maintenance.

As a Slimband patient you can expect to have access to the following:

The My Slimband Community is the place to connect with other Bandsters 24/7 and participate in discussions. Because they've been where you are now, they can offer helpful advice and support. Many members of the community have reached their goal weight and stayed there ever since.


We stay in touch with you well after your Slimband procedure. The newsletter e-mails you will receive from Slimband contain healthy, nutritious recipes, advice from Slimband staff, tips relevant to your stage in the program, and much more!

Weight Loss Know How from Slimband's Experts

We've compiled all the tips and strategies you'll need to be successful in your weight loss journey. You can find them by visiting our Weight Loss Tools page. Don't forget to check out Slimband's blog, which is constantly being updated with weight loss news from around the world! You can also find more information on nutrition, food choices, and more by visiting our Handouts page.

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