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* The below patients achieved their results by following the Slimband Weight Loss Services guidelines and having a properly adjusted band. Success stories on this page have received compensation. Results may vary. Clients can expect to lose up to 50% of their excess weight within the first year.1

1 Niville E et al. A mid-term Experience with the Cousin Bioring – Adjustable Gastric Band. Obes Surg 2011; May 5. [EPub]

Andrea lost
72 lbs* and now has willpower and confidence

Read Andrea's Success Story Andrea

Journalist Andy lost 65 lbs*
and loves the camera again

Read Andy's Success Story Andy

Tracey lost
60 lbs* and loves exercise again

Read Tracey's Success Story Tracey

Trucker Serge lost 126 lbs* and is once again loving life

Read Serge's Success Story Serge

Bonnie lost
87 lbs* and found her 'Freedom 49'

Read Bonnie's Success Story Bonnie

Janice lost
110 lbs*
and loves summer again

Read Janice's Success Story Janice

Tammy lost
412 lbs* and feels the healthiest she's ever been

Read Tammy's Success Story Tammy

Courtney lost 156 lbs* and took up running

Read Courtney's Success Story Courtney

Stephanie lost
115 lbs* and became the
best mom she
could be

Read Stephanie's Success Story Stephanie

Perpetua lost
125 lbs* and feels years younger

Read Perpetua's Success Story Perpetua

Stephanie lost 110 lbs* and regained her stamina

Read Stephanie's Success Story Stephanie

Mechanic Tony lost 125 lbs* and increased his bottom line

Read Tony's Success Story Tony

Brenda lost
117 lbs* and got a second chance at success

Read Brenda's Success Story Brenda

Aviva lost
79 lbs* and changed her outlook on life

Read Aviva's Success Story Aviva

Brityn lost
40 lbs* and won back her social life

Read Brityn's Success Story Brityn

Monique lost 142 lbs* and stopped taking antidepressants

Read Monique's Success Story Monique

Rikki lost
154 lbs* and got her life back

Read Rikki's Success Story Rikki

Business executive John lost 150 lbs*

Read John's Success Story John

Office manager Stephanie lost 44 lbs* and found her smile

Read Stephanie's Success Story Stephanie

Lindsay lost 100 lbs* and regained a sense of purpose

Read Lindsay's Success Story Lindsay

Registered Nurse Nancy has lost
58 lbs*

Read Nancy's Success Story Nancy

Cindy lost
165 lbs* and found health and happiness

Read Cindy's Success Story Cindy

Cosmetologist Lucia lost
60 lbs* and boosted her business

Read Lucia's Success Story Lucia

Teacher Mary lost 75 lbs* and is now living a healthy lifestyle

Read Mary's Success Story Mary

Diana lost
60 lbs* and is still losing weight!

Read Diana's Success Story Diana

Kerry lost
189 lbs* and is still losing weight!

Read Kerry's Success Story Kerry

Laurel lost
42 lbs* and is on top of the world

Read Laurel's Success Story Laurel

1 Niville E et al. A mid-term Experience with the Cousin Bioring – Adjustable Gastric Band. Obes Surg 2011; May 5. [EPub]