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Slimspot Adjustments

One of the best features of the gastric band is that it is fully adjustable. This means that by having saline injected into the subcutaneous port (a fill) the band can be adjusted so that each person can achieve the level of restriction that is ideal for them. In the past you would have your gastric banding procedure and go home with an empty band. A healing phase of several weeks was necessary before you could get a fill. During this time there is no restriction of the band and trying to eat moderately could be a challenge.

With Slimband’s proprietary Slimspot technique that has all changed.

Key benefits of Slimspot in Bariatric Surgery
  • Slimspot allows a surgeon to administer the first fill at the time of surgery for every patient
  • Minimizes the risk of the band being too tight at the completion of surgery
  • Allows a surgeon to assess if sufficient peri-gastric fat has been removed to create an adequate stoma size
  • Reduces the number of follow-up visits for band adjustments.

Using the proprietary Slimspot matrix, the surgeon can set the diameter of the stoma (the new opening to your stomach that is created when the band is inserted) to a predetermined size during surgery. Saline is added through the port to ensure the opening is just the right size for you, while recovering from surgery.

The Slimspot will jump start your weight loss due to the fact that you have had your first fill during surgery. Long term this minimizes the number of fills that you will need and accelerates your weight loss.

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