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Adjustable Gastric Banding

The Slimband procedure is a proven, minimally invasive, weight-loss solution that produces manageable and lasting results. During a short, 30-minute procedure, an adjustable gastric band (the Slimband) is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. The adjustable gastric band creates a small stomach pouch that helps create a sensation of feeling full very quickly. Only a small amount of food can pass through the pouch at a time. In addition to feeling full quickly, patients must chew food thoroughly and eat slowly. The combination of feeling full and eating slowly helps patients adapt to a low-calorie diet that yields significant results more rapidly than dieting alone. Because these new eating habits are maintained in the long term, most patients are able to adopt a continual healthy diet without feeling like they’re dieting.

Some of the main benefits of gastric banding surgery include:
  • It is fully reversible – No stomach stapling or intestinal re-routing
  • Only minor incisions are made – Shorter recovery time along with typically no pain
  • 30-minute procedure – Go home the same day
  • Completely adjustable – Can be loosened in the case of pregnancy or illness
  • Success program – one on one support with our team to reach your goals

In the first 12 months following the Slimband procedure, most patients can expect to lose up to 50% of their excess body weight1 and many reduce their risk of developing a comorbitity such as:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Acid reflux (GERD)
  • Cholesterol
  • Sleep apnea
  • Type-2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure

Why Slimband is your best choice for gastric banding

Several years ago, many overweight individuals found weight loss surgery to be cost-prohibitive. Others were put off by the idea of highly invasive and irreversible gastric bypass surgery. Today, modern bariatric surgery techniques like gastric banding allow more people to experience dramatic weight loss. However, as new medical breakthroughs are making bariatric surgery more successful and widely available it is important to choose the right clinic to perform your procedure and to provide the follow-up support you’ll need to be successful.

Reasonable Pricing

Bariatric surgery is more affordable than ever. We work with you to set up payment plans to suit your budget. Many patients find that weight loss surgery financing is oftentimes no more of a strain on a family’s budget than diet meal plans or hospital weight loss programs.

Knowledgeable Staff

Before entering our program, clients are counseled on their responsibilities and the behaviours that help Slimband surgery succeed. A weight loss consultation is performed with a staff member who has undergone the procedure and successfully maintained their weight loss. In addition a further consultation takes place with the surgeon prior to your surgery. Slimband offers both in person and phone consultations.

Convenient Locations

Once your surgery has been completed, there is usually need to have the band adjusted by either adding or removing saline from the band. This in turn increases or decreases the restriction level. Patients from across the country need to ensure they will have access to doctors and nurses to regulate their bands to ensure optimal weight loss. Choosing a clinic with multiple locations is not only convenient, it also limits travel expenses for patients.

Support Groups

Modern weight loss surgery clinics like Slimband now address weight loss with a holistic attitude, supporting all aspects of the patient’s weight loss journey. Bariatric surgery support groups are an integral part of successful weight loss. The Internet gives patients more access to other patients losing weight after gastric band surgery. Support groups can be as specific as diabetes gastric band weight loss support or recreational fitness groups.

Professional Counseling

A brochure isn’t enough to support patients after weight loss surgery. Because of the significant lifestyle and eating changes involved with successful weight loss, Slimband now offers patients personal coaching and counseling. When patients receive specific nutrition and diet recommendations, fitness coaching, and emotional support, they're more likely to comply and develop proper habits to lose weight.

The benefits of gastric banding surgery are undeniable. When obese individuals are able to lose weight, the risk for cancer becomes lower, mood and well-being are improved, and serious health complications like type 2 diabetes can be avoided. Through advances to weight loss surgery programs, more patients are experiencing profound relief and significant weight loss.

To learn more about the Slimband adjustable gastric banding procedure, please complete the Find Out More form at the right of this page to schedule a free consultation.

1 Niville E et al. A mid-term Experience with the Cousin Bioring – Adjustable Gastric Band. Obes Surg 2011; May 5. [EPub]

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