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Adolescent Weight Loss Programs

Obesity is something that’s most often associated with adults, however, it is rapidly becoming an issue among today’s youth. In fact, it’s estimated there are more than three times as many obese adolescents (aged 12 to 19) today than there were only three decades ago. In past generations the belief was that excess weight was not a major long-term health concern, but recent studies have found that those suffering from adolescent obesity are potentially at significant risk for very serious short-term and long-term complications.

Adolescent obesity is a major health problem that can no longer be overlooked. Regardless of your age, obesity significantly increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Associated with the onset of type 2 diabetes comes the potential for such serious complications as heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, gum disease, kidney disease, as well as eye problems that could lead to blindness. Obese adolescents keenly suffer from the rejection of their peers and the limitations that obesity engenders.

Not surprisingly, the number of teens choosing weight loss surgery as an option for reducing their weight has skyrocketed and adjustable gastric banding is increasing in popularity due to it being a fully reversible solution without the permanent physiological changes that go hand in hand with other procedures such as the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve.

Slimband understands this type of a decision is a family affair and not to be taken lightly or offered as the first option for weight loss. All adolescents are pre-screened, and our surgeons meet with them and their families on an ongoing basis to ensure that any issues or concerns are thoroughly addressed. With the growing body of medical knowledge and the safer Slimband procedure, the era of overlooking adolescent obesity appears to finally be over.

Adolescent obesity is a complex and oftentimes difficult issue to address. To learn more about how we've been providing hope for young adolescents across Canada, please complete the Find Out More form to the right of this page.


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