Slimband Success Program

The tool to unlock your weight loss success. The support to maintain it.

Your band
and beyond

The Slimband procedure has helped thousands of Canadians take control of their weight loss. At Slimband, we take a unique approach to your post-operative care, offering the most comprehensive support program available. This program ensures you don’t have to do it all on your own. You’ll have the support of a diverse team of caring professionals who share the same goal as you – your long-term health, happiness, and weight loss.

Continuing the journey to success, together

Our exceptional support teaches you the tools to change your life, manage triggers, and stay on track. We’ll help you optimize your weight loss so you see the best possible results, tracking your progress and goals along the way.

Beyond the fundamentals of how to effectively use your band, you’ll receive one-on-one coaching with our Naturopathic Doctors, Nurses, and Dietitians. We’ll work together on:

The latest innovation in health optimization

The Slimband success program has recently been revolutionized.

Every single person who becomes part of the Slimband program now receives support that is powered by his or her own genetic insights. From your individual DNA test result, we can inform and empower you with weight loss strategies unique to you.

Have you ever wondered why certain diets work for some but not for you?

Genomicists have studied how gene variations lead to health concerns like weight gain and obesity. Through genetic testing, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of your body’s unique relationship with food, such as the sense of satisfaction you gain from food and your ability to feel full. We’ll also uncover insights related to your rate of metabolism in response to different food groups.

This knowledge is then put into a custom designed action plan, just for you.

Building from elements like your food choices, eating patterns, and lifestyle habits, your sustainable weight loss goals will be met with a customized success plan.

The support doesn’t end there. Your program team will be there for you in a way that fits your lifestyle. Whether in person, by phone, or even over email, your Naturopathic Doctor, Nurse, or Dietitian will continue to provide coaching, education, motivation, and answers to your unique questions.

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