Why Slimband is So Effective

Ready to learn more about a proven, sustainable weight loss solution?

If you're like most people who discover Slimband, you're probably wondering, 'Why is Slimband so effective?'

Here's the #1 reason Slimband is changing lives for people who want to lose weight and keep it off for good:

Slimband works because it can effectively curb hunger, giving you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction that allows you to eat smaller portions and lose a significant amount of weight
over time.

Cycle of DietingThink about it. What's one of the biggest obstacles standing between you and your ideal weight?

It's trying to manage your dieting and, at the same time, fight off the "temptations" that always seem to be nearby. Being on a diet leads to a diet-mentality and a preoccupation with food. In fact, following a diet's rules doesn't give you control; it only sets you up to lose control and to rebel by eating even more than you would if you never went on the diet in the first place.

In fact, most dieters who manage to lose weight, gain all the lost weight back within 3 to 5 years.1

By handing over the weight loss management reins to Slimband, you can set yourself up for dramatic results!

The Slimband Program goes beyond the relationship with food. Excess weight can affect all areas of a person's life from their self-esteem, to physical, social, work and sexual well-being. In addition to the outstanding weight loss results seen with the Slimband procedure, the improvement of the quality-of-life of patients was assessed 3 years post-operatively and 83.5% showed an improvement in this area.2

Here's why Slimband has worked for so many people:

…Because it's a clinically-proven 30 minute surgical procedure that helps you feel full faster so you eat less and still feel satisfied. Clients can expect to lose up to half of their excess body weight within the first year and maintain their weight loss even after seven years.2 Plus, it's the only reversible weight loss surgery procedure available today.

…Because it starts working immediately. Slimband's proprietary Slimspot™ technique gets you closer to your weight loss goal by adjusting your band at the time of your surgery, which means that you'll need fewer band adjustments overall.

…Because it is completely different than most fad diets and quick weight loss schemes. There are no required foods, pills to take, or points to count. Instead, the Slimband is a proven approach to weight loss that is both livable and sustainable.

Lose up to ½ your excess weight within the 1st year!

…Because it takes you off the dieting roller coaster and puts you on a proven, steady path to weight loss. Your anxiety will lessen and your confidence will soar because you will see and feel consistent progress towards your weight loss goal without having to worry about losing your way to achieving a life of health and happiness.

…Because you won't be taking your "new you" journey alone. You'll have access to specially trained experts who will provide you with on-going consultations, information sessions, nutritional support and counseling – all at no additional cost to you! And you'll be invited to join our Slimband community – people just like you who are enjoying all that life has to offer!

Slimband has been deeply committed to making a difference in peoples' lives and helping many to make weight loss issues a thing of the past.

To make your journey to your ideal weight even more manageable, we provide a wide variety of payment options and access to flexible, affordable financing.

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We look forward to discussing your needs.

1New England Journal of Medicine, from Wadden TA, Phelan S. Behavioral assessment of the obese patient. Stunkard AJ, eds. Handbook of obesity treatment. New York: Guilford Press, 2002:186-226.

2Niville E et al. A mid-term Experience with the Cousin Bioring – Adjustable Gastric Band. Obes Surg 2011; May 5. [EPub]

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