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Choosing the right long term weight loss solution for you is a big decision.
Our team of customer service agents and consultants, who have had the procedure, are all focused on getting you the information you need to make your choice an informed one.

There is no question too small!

To determine if you are a good candidate for Slimband, we'll need to ask for some information on your health and medical history, like your BMI (height and weight) and age.

A consultation is an opportunity for us to learn a little more about you, and for you to find out what life with Slimband is really like, how the procedure works, and the benefits a strong support program brings to a gastric procedure. After your procedure, you’ll work one-on-one with a Naturopathic Doctor, Dietician, and Nurses, to make sure you’re on track, equipped with knowledge, and reaching your goal.

As part of your consultation, you can even inquire about financing your Slimband procedure, an option which many people select.

Whether you choose a phone or in-person meeting, your free personal consultation is a great opportunity for you to talk to an expert and get all the answers you want with no pressure or obligation whatsoever.

New to our success program, you can learn more about DNA testing and how your genetics unlock powerful insights to help optimize your weight loss.

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Still not sure? Here's what others are saying:

"From the moment I arrived at the clinic, the staff of Slimband was like no other medical staff I have ever met. All my worries and anxieties were left at the door with the first smiling face I saw. The staff at Slimband has a way of making people feel welcome, taken care of, and most important – understood."
Rikki R. – Midland, ON

"The best part about Slimband is that I'm not going to suffer and deprive myself. I have never gone a full three years eating whatever I want; whenever I want without actually gaining weight. My worse case scenario was that I didn't lose but maintained. I eat EVERYTHING. I drink EVERYTHING. I just can't consume the large amounts I used to because the band makes me feel satisfied before any "damage" is done calorie-wise. I love it. I cannot see me living without it. Best part is, I am healthy and I will never worry about gaining weight again. The cost of the surgery was WELL WORTH IT!"
Sahar W. – Richmond Hill, ON