Slimband allowed me to feel good about exercising, going out in public again, and spending time with friends. It’s the single biggest change I’ve ever experienced

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Slimband is the tool to unlock your weight loss success.

Thousand of Canadians like Tracey have taken control of their weight with the help of Slimband.

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You no longer have to fight the weight loss battle all by yourself.

Every day, Slimband is working to not only help you reach your weight loss goal but to maintain those results.

With your band and your support team, you will be able to take control of your weight. From your consultant who can speak from personal experience with Slimband, to your surgeon, naturopathic doctor, dietitian, and after care nurse, a team of professionals are here to help you along your journey.

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How it works.

Slimband is a clinically proven, 30 minute surgical procedure that helps you feel full faster so you eat less and still feel satisfied, and become less interested in eating between meals.

You can expect to lose up to half your excess body weight within the first year, and maintain this weight loss even after seven years1

Unlike gastric bypass surgery or a gastric sleeve procedure, Slimband is the only completely reversible weight loss surgery available today.

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We offer support all over Canada.

Our helpful team of consultants were once in your shoes, and are now living vibrant, happy lives, helping others to make the same positive change.

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1 Niville E et al. A mid-term Experience with the Cousin Bioring – Adjustable Gastric Band. Obes Surg 2011; May 5. [EPub]